Ekta Mahila Manch

The women’s wing was formed in an effort to increase the number of women participating in the decision making process from the village activist to the leadership level of Ekta Parishad. Women divide themselves into mobilization teams responsible for local leadership development, advocacy teams to pressure the government, the media and the public to take up the struggle for land, and economic programming teams to provide knowledge and training at the village levels.  More

Ekta Kala Manch

The cultural wing’s  goal is to raise rural people’s awareness and highlight issues related to forest,  land  and water, by using cultural demonstration. Drama, songs, films, comedy shows and poems are tools used to communicate Ekta Parishad’s messages in a more intimate manner.  More

Ekta Arthik Manch

The economic wing is run along with the rights struggle. Land and forest based pr oducts such as khadi, honey, organic cotton, bamboo, rice, oil, baiga cloth and natural drugs are supported by  Ekta Parishad. Thanks to these programs, more than 10’000 villagers receive a stable and regular income. More