What does the Jan Satyagraha 2012 March mean for Rajagopal?

"Janadesh 2007 was a big challenge for all of us. Many people had raised serious doubts about whether 25,000 people could walk for a month. Is it possible for so many people survive for such a long time on a foot march with one meal a day? Will the Government ultimately listen to the voice of the poor people? Or will they be chased by the law and order? Having experienced Janadesh and also the power of the poor and marginalized people, many of these doubts have been cleared away. I am sure larger number of people will support Jan Satyagraha 2012 March.

The Jan Satyagraha 2012 March will demand four times more support in terms of letter writing, in terms of footprints and also in terms of financial contribution and personpower. We need your support. So please begin to act today.

The time will pass very fast. We also need your support to get more people and organizations involved at every level… for mobilization, for advocacy, for fund raising and communication.

A country like India where problems are so many will demand larger mobilization to bring about basic change. We are trying to address change at the social and economic level. We are also interested in strengthening a process of participatory democracy and responsible governance. Though the action is in India, we want the world at large to join this process.

We believe in Jai Jagat and Sarvodaya - Jai Jagat means Victory to the World, Sarvodaya means Well-being of all through the well-being of the last.

Thank you very much."

Rajagopal P.V.
Ekta Parishad