2012 March

A largenon-violent march, that will be carried out in India and many other countriesacross the globe in October 2012.


A Word from Rajagopal

Jansatyagraha Tree Project

After Janadesh 2007, a certain number
of objectives have been presented to the
Indian government and are still waiting
to be implemented.  More

Rajagopal`s challenging words on his
vision of Jan Satyagraha 2012.  More

Express your support to the non-violent struggle of 100 000 yatris and join us to plant 100,000 trees!  More



Join the Movement

Organizing an event for 100,000 people is
not easy, and must be well prepared, and
this starts many months in advance of the
beginning of the event.  More

Ekta Parishad influences the Indian
political system by using three different
methods: people`s advocacy, state & 
national advocacy and international
advocacy.  More

There are many ways to support Jansatyagraha
2012 – March for Justice.  More