Ekta Parishad, a mass-based Gandhian organization, is constantly engaged in raising the issues of'LandRights' over three decades at various levels. With some strategic and real successes on ground, huge challenges remain to resolve it in favor of marginalized communities. During Janadesh (2007) and Jansatyagraha (2012), some of key concerns were negotiated with the Central Government. However, the impacts of our campaigns and negotiations have not proved enough to bring all desired changes to serve the purpose of the marginalized communities. With the commitment to take this unfinished agenda to its logical end, the Ekta Parishad has resolved to take up another mass movement, named Janandolan (People’s Action) in October 2018.


A Proposed Plan for Janandolan 2018



Expectations from State


1.    Introduce and execute -National Homestead Land Rights Act

2.    Introduce and execute - National Land Reforms Policy

3.    Introduce and execute - Women Farmer Entitlement Act

4.    Introduce  and  execute  -  Land  Tribunals  and  Fast  Track  Courts  for  resolving  land disputes/cases

5.    Set up and operationalise - National Land Reforms Council & National Task Force on Land Reforms

6.    Set up new  'execution and monitoring' structures on Panchayat  (extension in the Scheduled Area) Act-1996 and Forest Rights Act-2006.



Our Action


Preparations: January-September 2018


1.    Extensive training camps for the grassroots leaders in 20 States across India towards building leadership base of 20000+ campaign leaders

2.    Training and delegating responsibilities to the coordinators, responsible for logistics and management during Janandolan

3.    Conducting a signature campaign (targeting one million signatures) to send demands to the President of India

4.    Constituting 'Janandolan  2018'  campaign committee at the national level and  20 States across India

5.    Building alliance of local organizations in 200+ districts for conducting parallel actions, in support ofthe main action in Delhi during October 2018

6.    Conducting wider publicity of Janandolan 2018 at various levels

7.    Organizing  a  'Yatra'  (vehicular  march)  in  100+  districts  for  highlighting  the people's concerns from the ground

8.    Keeping constant dialogue with the State on key expectations and their fulfilment



October 2018: Main Action


1.    Organizing a 'People's Parliament' in Palwal (80 km in the East of Delhi) on 2 October and flag off the 'March to Delhi'

2.    Starting 'Janandolan' support action in Delhi from 3 October onwards

3.    Reaching of 'People's March' to Delhi on 5 October and beginning of 'decisive action'

4.    Organizing parallel actions (supporting Janandolan) in 200+ districts across India

5.    Staying indefinitely in Delhi until State resolved the key expectations of Janandolan


How you can associate with Janandolan 2018........


1.    As a believer in non-violence action, you are most welcome to support and/or participate in any activities at any levels

2.    You can donate the resources (financial and/or material) required for Janandolan 2018

3.    You can volunteer for your time and expertise for various activities

4.    You can be a messenger for Janandolan 2018