People’s Verdict

•       25000 villagers walked from Gwalior to Delhi (340 km) from 2nd to 27th of Oct 2007

•       The biggest non violent march ever after Independence.    

The government agreed to the demands of the yatris (marchers). 

Result of Janadesh

·         Forest Rights Act 2006 came into force as a result on Sept 30th 2013

•        3.6 million claims submitted

  - (3.4 million individual + 0.071 million Community claims)

•        1.4 million land titles distributed = 39.74%

  - (1.3086 million individual + 0.021 million Community title)

·         Land Reforms Committee was constituted

·         to assess the status of land reforms in the country and to make recommendations to reconcile conflicts. 

·         A National Council for Land Reforms constituted under the Chairmanship of the Prime Minister…..   

 To lay down broad guidelines and policy recommendations based on the recommendations of the Committee.