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After a long struggle of CSOs/Pos and CBOs the UPA Government accepted the historical injustice suffered by tribals and other forest dwellers in India and thereafter enacted the Forest Rights Recognition Act 2006 to provide the rights over forest land in the name of individual rights as well as community forest rights.
  • More than 30.39 lakh claims have been filed and more than 11.09 lakh titles have been distributed. More than 34 thousand titles were ready for distribution. A total of 25.53 lakh claims have been disposed.
  • 14.1 lakh claims have been rejected and 4.86 lakh claims are pending.

The question what has happened to the rejected & remains of the claims? It is a very important question that is adversely affecting the adivasis and other communities. Land is the basic resources on which they depend for survival. The most backward scheduled tribes are suffering the most and have highest number of claims have been rejected.

There are so many obstacles in better implementation of Forest Rights Recognition Act 2006 relating Gram Sabha, Forest Department, sub divisional and district level committee as well as state and central level. Also there has been large-scale interference by the Forest Department in the rights recognition process which cause continues evictions of adivasis and forest dwellers in total violation of law.

Ekta Parishad believes that it is necessary to interfere in this critical situation to provide the forest rights to tribal community as well as traditional forest dweller to create a society based on justice and equity. Following are important suggestion for better implementation of the FRR Act.


The recommendations made by people for better implementation of the FRA act are following:

  1. Review all the rejected claims, and provide sufficient opportunity for hearing of claimants.
  2. Strengthen the role of Gram Sabha through providing trainings on implementation of FRA Act.
  3. Reduce the displacement and eviction of tribals from forest land.
  4. People’s participation is to be encouraged in countering deforestation and creating plantation program.
  5. Constitute a “Forest Rights Watch committee” from district, State and National level with the help of grass root organization and appropriate offices.
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