On the occasion of Ekta Parishad’s silver jubilee celebration in Tilda, a collective concern emerged on increasing inequalities across the world which has further marginalized the deprived community from the mainstream. The miniscule rich are becoming richer at the cost of poor who are becoming poorer. A call was made by different movements leaders (present at the event) to join hands to face the challenges and threats emerging in the present times.The Tilda resolution emerges from the deliberation that took place during the silver jubilee conclave and reflects the collective vision of Ekta Parishad and other participating People’s Movements on the nature and direction that Peoples’ movement in the country should take in the present times.

  1. 1.       Movements would not be bound by their respective ideologies but should be guided by the Constitution of the country which is based on the principles of equality and justice.
  2. 2.       There is a need for movements to restrategise and restructure themselves and to work collectively in order to face dangers that being posed before movements working for justice, peace and rights in the country.
  3. 3.       Poorest of the poor should be at the core of collective direction of the movements
  4. 4.       There should be a renewed focus on promoting youth leadership in movements to allow inflow of newer ideas and energy.
  5. 5.       There is a need to intensify women rights movements especially those that work for the identity and rights of women farmers, and labourers.
  6. 6.       Struggle, dialogue and constructive work should be the three key guiding principles of all movements
  7. 7.       Foundation for a non-violent economy can be laid only on the principles of   self-reliant, village centered local economy.
  8. 8.       Global warming is posing new threats to the environment and natural resources. In addition to the rights of the deprived on these natural resources, there is a need to protect and preserve the rights of mother earth.
  9. 9.       Leadership from the deprived community should lead future social movements (Jiski Ladaai, Uski Aguwaee)
  10. 10.   All movements that aim to protect land and agriculture should be a collective initiative of the farmers and labourers (both organized and unorganized)
  11. 11.   Non-violence should just not remain an ideology but should reflect in non-violent direct action on ground leading to a change in the way of life ( non-violence as a way of life).

Ekta Parishad should take a lead role in bringing different movements together for collective action given its knowledge and experience in leading people’s movement.

 Campaign Strategies

a.       Promoting Self Reliance

-          1 handful of grain, and Rs.1 to be collected each day from each household in the villages to prepare for self reliant future actions.

-          Seed and Grain Bank to be setup in each village with the same above mentioned objective

-          Promotion of Organic Farming


b.      Reclaiming Land

-          Ineffective and slow implementation of FRA to be given priority in mass campaign for seeking both individual and Community Forest Rights

-          Intensive Collective demand for implementing Homestead Land Rights draft (ready with the government).


c.       Promoting Local Leadership

-          500 youths to be trained in each of the 665 districts in the country.

-          Out of the 3 lac youths trained, atleast 1 lac would emerge as strong youth leaders. If 1 youth leader motivates 10 people, it would add up to 10 lac people for the Jai Jagat campaign.


Jai Jagat Campaign Calendar

A.      Campaign at National level in 2015

-          30th Jan , 2015- One day fasting across the country against land ordinance and non implementation of 10 point agreement (at District and Tehsil level)

-          20th -26th Feb, 2015- Footmarch ( Palwal , Haryana to Delhi) and dharna Delhi on issues of Ten point agreement with govt of India,National Homestead land rights act, Forest Rights Act, National Land Reforms Policy and Land Acquisition Ordinance.

-          15th- 28th March 2015- Footmarch in Bihar (Bodhgaya to Patna) for Homestead land rights


B.      Jai Jagat 2020 Campaign

-          2016 - World Forum for Access to Land in Kerala

-          2016- Women Training, exposure visit and convention on Women Land Rights- 50 participants from across the world

-          2017- Celebrating 100 years of Champaran Satyagraha ‘ Champaran ki Kahaani’

-          2018- International Convention on non-violent economic system

-          2019- Jai Jagat footmarch  from Delhi to Geneva

-          2020- 1 million walk for global action

Ekta Parishad Resolution