Wings of Ekta Parishad

We believe in a world without origin
discrimination and where each individual
could benefit from equal and guaranteed
access to livelihood resources.  More

We are deeply convinced that the grassroots,
i.e the village, is the perfect space in
which to plant the seeds of unity that will
create positive changes at the social,
political and economic levels.  More

Our three main branches, the cultural, the
women's and the economic wings are closely
linked and participate all in a different
way to Ekta Parishad's main goal.  More

Message from Rajagopal



Listen to our leader, Rajagopal, talking
about his unique experience in Ekta
Parishad. More

From a local people's movement to an
international organization, have a deeper
look into our constant evolution
since 1991. More

These issues introduce some of the key
concerns that affect the people with whom
Ekta Parishad works.  More 


Partners and Institutions


Know better how we work and how decisions
are taken, from grassroots level to the
senior echelons of Ekta Parishad.  More 

Many of our relationships to our partners are
continuing for numerous years. Their individual
and constant support is of great value to Ekta
Parishad.  More 

Please find our contact details under the
following link.  More