Farmers still waiting for a response from the government

Published on Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Farmers still waiting for a response from the government

After a night on Jantar Mantar the participants of the Padyatra were protesting under Ekta Parishad´s flag in the heart of the capital today. The 5000 farmers were listening to the speeches of Ekta Parishad leader Rajagopal P.V. and other heads of the organization. Anti-corruption-crusader Anna Hazare appeared again on the stage and spoke to the people.

The Ekta Parishad members finished their padyatra today. The conditions during the march from Palwal to Delhi were not the best: The nights were cold, blankets were missing and some participants got a cold. Additionally the places where the around 5000 farmers stayed for the nights were not best suited for sleeping. The participants had to sleep near the new metro building site beside the road and had not much space for their needs. Despite these obstacles, Ekta Parishad takes a positive reflection on the five days of marching from Palwal to Delhi. "The land Ordinance became the center of attention, we were able to start a dialog with the new government but also put pressure on them", said Jill Carr-Harris from Ekta Parishad. 

Indeed, the government, the opposition and the whole country woke up on the land issue in these days. A lot of media attention was diverted to the land issue, the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are under pressure. Despite this increased pressure, the government has not proposed a statement about the Land Acquisition. 

Yesterday Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singh engaged in a constructive dialog with  representatives of Ekta Parishad and said that within 24 hours the Government will give a positive response to the satyagrahis. "Our goal is that a strong national land reform council is set up", said Jill Carr-Harris today. 

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