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Monday, June 30, 2014

Why you should spend your holiday in an Indian village

 Upcoming tours 
Heart of India: 15 or 22 days tour through Madhya Pradesh (several dates between September 2014 and January 2015)

Discoveries of the Himalaya: 17 days tour through Uttarakhand (date not yet fixed)

A Thousand and One Stories of Rajasthan: 15 days tour through the Land of Kings (several dates between August and December 2014)

It is also possible to customize tours as per the choice of travellers, for example a yoga trip into a village or a tour with focus on agriculture. It is also planed to offer tours to the north-eastern states like West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya and Manipur.

For booking and more information (only in French) please contact Tamadi Voyages.

 Tamadi Voyages 
Tamadi Voyages is a French non-profit organization. Its aim is to support and promote alternative tourism. The organization organizes its tours in partnership with organizations that have a place in the civil society of the host countries.

 To support marginalized communities, Ekta Parishad organizes touristic tours in rural areas. There the visitors can experience the everyday life of tribal people. 

Get in touch with the daily life in rural India: This is what the world tourism project “Gareema India” enables. The project offers journeys to different states in the subcontinent – for example to the “Heart of India” Madhya Pradesh, the “Land of Kings” Rajasthan, or to the Himalaya state Uttarakhand.

During their stay in the village, the visitors can interact and exchange with tribal people and learn how it is to live in the countryside. The tourists stay in the traditional huts of their host families and assist them in their daily work.

Participate in the family life
It is possible to help with the harvesting, interact with children at the school or to participate in the family life – for example the crushing of wheat or the preparing of food, like the Indian flatbread chapatti.

Besides, there is also space to visit popular Indian tourist sites such as Mughal palaces and Hindu temples, and also local attractions like hills, forests and rivers.

Tourism to empower rural people
Gareema India means “dignity India”. The world tourism project was implemented in 2010 in cooperation with Tamadi Voyages, a French non-profit organisation. Since then, more than 200 travelers in 36 groups have visited marginalized communities.

It is the aim of the project to change the tourism policy in Indian, to empower the rural people and to support the overall development of the local communities. Therefore, a part of the earnings is directly invested in the villages. As a result of the world tourism, villagers were able to improve the water system or to construct toilets and bathrooms.
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